My life is dedicated to helping people make impossible unstoppable. I want the world around me to learn the power of being able to Discover, Serve and Grow every day of their lives. I help leaders, executives and entrepreneurs unlock the secrets to growth, culture and team building.  

My name is Michael Robison. I am a strategic consultant and brand development innovator. I help leaders, organizations and groups unleash their potential. My passion is helping others share their vision and mission with the world. After 20 years in senior leadership and growth focused organizations, I have cultivated a large collection of experiences that can help others. More of what I can teach is what I have learned from my mistakes and failings, and my hope is that it will become a great benefit for those who are working to make their way in this world. It is time to cut through the noise, be heard and have our actions make a lasting impact on others. 

I have been a CEO, Tech StartUp Founder and Non-Profit Executive Director. I have owned brick and mortar retail and have been the head of a prestigious FinTech Startup. With multiple exits, multiple failures and lots of hard work I am able to relate to the needs and realities of almost any organization. I work as needed as a Cultural Enterprise Integrations Consultant working with some of the world's best start-ups and most recognized brands. 

My passion is seeing people with great visions discover the true success that is within them. The key is helping people discover hope. I help people, teams and organizations unlock their real identity. Seeking to be authentic, genuine and joyful in their approach to making passions and visions become reality. 

I find my greatest fulfillment in seeing good ideas become great; and great ideas impact the world. 

I have had the honor of working with organizations who are impacting the social landscape of the United States, Africa, The Caribbean, Europe, Australia, The Middle East and beyond. My clients have included Startups and Fortune 500 companies ranging in revenue from $0 to over $12B annually. My background in sales, development, marketing, communications and staffing bring a diverse understanding of both business and non-profit development. 

On a personal note, I have an absolutely amazing family. It is likely one of the most uncommon realities in my entire life. 

My wife, Allison, and I have tons of incredible kids. Jessica is 29, she was our first "adopted" kid, and she is a mom to 2 beautiful little girls and now lives in North Carolina. Shay, 14, is one of our miracles stories.... Not enough time or space to share. She is now living in Fayetteville, NC and she is a constant reminder of grace and beauty in our lives. Evan is 12, and one of the greatest car enthusiast and experts I have ever known! Noah is 11 and a sports freak. Kaia is 8, and our drama queen addition from Ethiopia! Karis is 7 and our resident artist from Haiti. And finally.... Judah is 3 years old and one amazingly cute dude!

Together our passion is generosity... My goal in the coming years is to achieve the ability to give away more than 90% of my income in order to make a difference.... One life at a time. 

My personal passion is to serve children, families and communities across the globe who are hurting, forgotten and lonely. I want to reveal the beauty in the most unlikely places. My life's mission is to help you discover true and meaningful life. More than anything, I want to see Hope reborn. I want to see the despair of life transformed into the Hope of a better tomorrow. 

Anyone who knows me knows that I love great (thumping) music, my piano, tattoos, photography, exploring, traveling the world and writing. One of my greatest passions in life is Haiti. I have been serving there and loving that country for more than 15 years! My family and I have decided the only way to vacation is on a cruise ship, Disney Cruises to be exact! I love reading the classical favorites and great modern biographies. And... I am a classically trained musician and composer. I love having my hands in every aspect of life, art, creativity and more!