Why I Love the Gospel, Still!

I left my position as a Senior Pastor over 2 1/2 years ago. For a long while I had to push through the withdraws of a life I had spent building and leading for well over a decade. But, after all the time has passed, I have found great peace and purpose in this new season.

But, I still have a deep love for the message of hope that Jesus offers. I love the Bible. I know more about the Bible and the story of Christianity than anything else in my life. And, I love the chance to share my insights, understanding and point of view.

Recently I had the chance to sit down and talk candidly about my life after being a pastor and about the 2 primary passages that changed my life and shaped my view of Jesus. It was even more fun to have this conversation with people who don’t have the same view of faith and life. Why? Because, this is proof that you can share faith, Jesus and perspective without an agenda and without pressure.

I hope this encourages you! This is only 1/2 of the conversation…. I certainly go a bit deeper in the full conversation… If you’re interested in hearing the entire conversation, let me know! Just comment below and I will make sure to send you a link to the full conversation.

My Amazing Family!

I can’t help but brag about my amazing family…. Truly!

In 1996 I met the most amazing woman on the planet. The very first day I saw her, before I had even met her, I just knew something was right and good. I even told my little brother I’d marry her one day. And, guess what???? In October of 1997 we started dating, and the rest is history. From the ages of 15 and 16, we became best friends, soulmates and partners in life.

We never imagined what life would bring. I told Allison, and we agreed, we would adopt one day. But, being from a big family, I said I only wanted 2 kids… Well, that obviously changed! We are raising Evan, Noah, Kaia, Karis and Judah today! We have given home and refuge to other kids along the way. Our kids are Gingers, Haitians, Ethiopians and that’s just a small snapshot.

Allison and I have literally been through hell and back. We have experienced the best and the worst. When I look at my family today, when I think about the gift they are…. I am brought to my knees in tears of joy. I don’t deserve them, and I have certainly had moments where I wasn’t sure I’d still have my family. After all, this is real life… and we are real people. Marriage is hard, being a parent is hard, being a human is hard… PERIOD! And, we are all messy, broken and flawed… Well, except Allison!!! I truly married a person who reflects the masterful hand of a great creator!

In the end, I am so very grateful for my family! They are my greatest gift in life. My wife is gorgeous and incredible…and my best friend on this planet. My kids are amazing and beautiful, and make me proud every day. My life is rich and amazing beyond words! Here is a look at my incredible family….

Thanks to Dena Thompson and Rachel Anglen for capturing this treasure for us…. If you need someone to perfectly capture the beauty and story of your family…. CLICK HERE!