Work & War

As I have studied through Nehemiah, I have had one recurring theme. Nehemiah was a man of vision, but he was also a man who worked for his vision and man who fought for his vision. He did not let the enemy get in his way. So many times we get consumed with the idea of being nice to appease people. It is not our place to make people happy. When we do that, we end up compromising our vision and passion. What's worse it that we may end up compromising the Gospel!

I never want to be found guilty of doing something like that! I want to be strong. As a leader we are often put in difficult positions in which we have to defend our vision and our passion. We have to put our necks on the line and be vulnerable. But, that is the reality of leadership. Jesus had to put his life on the line to accomplish the very reason He came to earth. I am pretty happy He did chicken out and apologize for offending anyone. He stuck it out and took one hell of a beating for you and me!

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