In Pignon and the Village of Bohoc, Haiti

We just spent the last 2 days in the city of Pignon, Haiti. More specifically in the village of Bohoc. This area is just to the north of Port au Prince over the mountain range. We stayed in the home of Jean-Jean and Kristie MomPremier, and their kids Tana and Karrie. The run a church, medical clinic and mission there.

They have made a huge impact in the village of Bohoc. This was a a village that, just a few short years ago, was highly VooDoo. They had an opportunity that God's love and hope with a man named Zouel. Zouel was a VooDoo witch doctor. He had a great influence on the town. He decided after hearing the gospel, he wanted to follow Jesus. Since then he and Jean-Jean have taken their message to other VooDoo witch doctors and followers. I have spent time in villages here before and listened to VooDoo drums until very early morning hours. But not here! God has changed the culture and people. It is incredible.

The largest indicator is from a woman named Clemesine. She was a witch doctor that had been hugely instrumental in bringing VooDoo to this area over 50 years ago. She had God speak to her though the ministry and a dream. She turned and followed Jesus. Since then she has changed her family, her husband and her community. She is full of Joy and love. She is now raising her grandchild, Willifred, who's mother was killed by his father. The reality of his life has been very hard and sad in a few short months! They struggle with extreme poverty, malnutrition and spiritual warfare. But God is blessing them.

Pray for the ministry of the Mompremiers, Clemesine and the Village of Bohoc. This will be where I bring my team to in March 2009. I am excited to see how God will use us here. I cannot wait to be back. If you are wanting to be on the team please let me know ASAP!.

It is exciting to see people in this state trust God so strongly. Can you trust God with all you have? Will you rely on God to speak to you and change the world around you? He has done it here, he can do it where you are....