Reflections of Haiti Pt.1

I am sitting on my last flight home from my trip to Haiti. I has been a very busy and full 5 days. We have seen and done so much in a very short period of time. It may take me weeks, as usual, to process everything. But, I will say, as I always do, that Gd has used my time in Haiti to speak to me very clearly.

In the midst of the mind-shattering poverty and need, I saw some great moments. As I mentioned in my pervious entry we stayed inthe village of Bohoc in the city of Pignon. We stayed there with the MomPremiers. Jean-Jean MomPremier is the pastor of actually 2 churches in that town. God has used him in a huge way to impact that village. I told you earlier about how God has used his family and their ministry to change the culture from primarily VooDoo to primarily Christian. That in itself is a miracle. But, God has used him to do so much more!

Jean-Jean is the teaching pastor at the main church in Bohoc. While there he and his wife Kristie have made an impact on hundreds and thousands of individuals. From youth programs to adult small groups. They have a very strong, biblically solid church. One of the things I saw that was very encouraging was Jean-Jean’s willingness to preach and speak the truth even when it could scar his popularity. It is very acceptable in Haiti for ment o have 2,3,4 or more wives. But, we know the Bible teaches differently. I listen Sunday at church as Jean-Jean spoke against polygamy and ebuked those living in contrast to God’s Word. It was string and authoritative. But, his people listened. When we teach God’s Word as it is written, God uses it to change lives and speak to people. I told Jean-Jean at lunch Sunday how refreshing it was to see a pastor speak the truth. In my, somewhat limited Kreyol vocabulary I heard his message loud and clear. It is sad that so many pastors are afraid to speak the Words of God because they fear offended their members or leaders. But, God as not called us to appease the crowds! He created us to please Him!

Jean-Jean also founded a small Bible study in their home about 1 1/2 years ago. The reason was that their village is very poor in Haitian standards. In order to attend church you have to dress very nicely. Some folks their do not have the money to buy nice clothes for church. So, Jean-Jean started a “come as your are” church. It started with 11 people ad today is running as much as 250. It meets in a gazebo in their front yard each Sunday @ 4:00 pm. They are in the process of building a church building for these people. God is using that church to truly change lives. it is that church that has changed to VooDoo landscape of the village of Bohoc in Pignon. Pray for the MomPremiers and their ministry there. Pray for God to provide and care for these people. 

That is the largest impact I can recollect from this trip, I watched a man and his family yield wholly to God. God has blessed them and multiplied their ministry greatly. I want to be yielded to God in that manner. I want Him to use me to impact my home and my city. How about you? Will you let God use you that way. Will you speak the truth of His Word? 

To see pictures that show a good representation of our trip click here!