So, as with everything in life, we all experience change. Mostly our changes are a result of development. Those developments are usually paradigm shifts in the way we think or the way we interact with others.

Evan is working through some big developmental changes; even at his tender age of 2 1/2. Yesterday we were discussing the removal of his pacifiers! We had him nearly broken a while ago, but baby number two came along! When he saw Noah with his pacifier, we had to start over. Evan has only been taking his pacifier at night when he sleeps. But, it is time for it to go. So we asked him yesterday to go and get them and throw them in the trash. We expounded on the idea that he was now a "Big Boy". He willingly threw them out, and with enthusiasm at that! He took his nap without having one. Even though he never slept, he never asked. Then he slept all night without it. He has done so well, so far. There maybe struggles, but he has accepted the idea that his pacifiers are gone!

How I wish we were that easy. When God brings change into our lives, we are never that quick to follow through. We often have to "develop an idea on our own" instead of looking for God's ideas. We want to do what we want, not what God wants. Can we be so willing to follow God when He brings change into our lives? Will we work through it even when it feels weird or uncomfortable? Think about this next time God confronts you with change......