The Holidays Are Arriving!

So, this week I have been putting the finishing touches on my sermons for the upcoming Holiday weeks. I have been putting lots of thought into my illustrations. I have been reminded of so many traditions and processes that my family had every year.

The one that stands true today, and will most likely continue in my family for many years to come is the official decorating day. Usually this is the day after Thanksgiving. We used to all stay home, unload boxes form the attic and put up the decor. We have the tree, the stockings, the garland, the lights outside, and much more. The day usually starts great and ends in a family feud! So, we end the day by watching National Lampoons Christmas Vacation. It reminds us that no matter how dis-functional we are, we aren't as bad as Chevy Chase and family. Now, my wife and I do this as well. I love this one, and it never gets old. 

Some of the other, more useless, traditions I don't continue...... We used to load up every year, all five kids and mom and dad, and drive around Nashville looking at lights. I was more amazed at the big houses in Franklin and Brentwood, than the lights. But, it always ended in all of us kids being grounded for fighting. It all started every where when someone would cross the other's invisible territory marker. We all you yell and fight. But, we did it every year. And, every year I hated it! I don't even entertain this idea today..

Another process we still use today is the gift opening at my Grandma's. She has each of us, one at a time, sit on a stool to open gifts. Everyone else is required to sit and watch. Everyone is required to take pictures and offer commentary on the gifts as well!. The process usually goes youngest to oldest and takes about 2-3 hours. But, we do it without fail every year. 

What are your traditions or processes you go through every year? Share them here! I love hearing your stories....