"Marketing" God!?!?!?

I have been consumed this week with one central idea. That Idea is that we have somehow decided we will define God in our terms. What I mean is that we have assigned traits and expectations to God that are expressly human. We have somehow boiled the character of God to a simple set of needs and wants. We want God and who we believe He is to fit nicely onto a billboard or magazine add! Let me explain.

We have allowed the church to "market" God by talking primarily about what God can do for us. If you follow God, He will _____________________. (fill in the blank) Seriously we have decided to follow God because he might make us happier, make us healthier, make us richer, fix our marriage, grant us success, and bring peace to our lives, etc. It is as if we have boxed God into some sort of vending machine where we can put in our "2 cents worth" and get out a little bauble for our pleasure. This is so very sad but true.

Reality is that we were created for His pleasure. We were created to have communion with Him. He does desire a relationship with us. He does love us. But we have turned the system around and decided that God should glorify us and make our existence better. The reality is that we were created to glorify God and add joy to His existence. Life is not about you and me. Life is about Him! The church seems to have forgotten this concept. We come to church for what we get, and not what we give.

We have ascribed personalities, character traits and expectations to God that are only human. The human nature is flawed and depraved. So, how can those things describe a perfect God? They cannot! When we stop and simply allow God to be God, then we have begun to worship Him truly. We must stop putting God in a box. He interacts with each of us in a different manner. To "market" God as one thing or another, is false advertising. He is everything, He is all-sufficient and all knowing and not the limited person we have made Him.

In the recent struggles I have walked through, I have had to stop defining God's call on me in a manner which I understand. I do not have the ability to understand all that He can do or all the He is. Ephesians 3:20-21 says that God can do more than we can even ask or imagine! He can do more than we can even ask! That's unreal to me. As a result my prayer has become simple....."God I am not sure what to ask for or expect. But, God make me willing and ready to follow you and do as you please. Make my life be glorifying to You, and work in spite of my flaws and actions. Amen"

What are your thoughts? Share your ideas on how we "market" God.....