Thankful Through All Things

This morning as I was reviewing this weekend's sermon notes I was reminded of a few things. Let me share what God has been teaching me lately, and what I hope He will teach all of us. It is one of the hardest truths of walking with Jesus. But, once we grasp this, our lives make a little more sense.

Have you ever read Romans 8:28 where it says ALL things work together for the good of those who love Him and are called by Him? Have you ever realized that the word ALL refers to everything in our lives? I mean it, everything! The good, the bad, the incredible, the devastating, the mediocre and all the in between. That means the days we hate and the days we love are working for our good! That is a promise from God. It is one we rarely believe. We account for this verse in the good times, and don't know it exists in the bad times! With that in mind, let's actually look at what God was showing me today.....

In Luke chapter 1 God shows up and gives a promise to a couple of people. The promise for one means great pride and joy, the promise for the other means potentially being cast out by everyone! The promises are the birth of John the Baptist and the birth of Jesus. Gabriel is sent by God to tell Zacharias and Mary about the great thing God is giving them both. They have very different reactions. Zacharias, who has wanted a kid for decades, questions and doubts God. He wonders how this could be. Instead of asking a million questions, Mary sings a song in thanks. Zacharias can stand on the integrity of God's delivering a gift and a promise. Mary has the risk of losing her reputation, family and fiance'. The person with the greatest at stake is he person who trusts God and rejoices greatly! 

Are we like Zacharias and question and doubt what God is doing in our lives? Are we like Mary and trust God and get excited even when we don't understand? Which person are you. I fear too many times that I am just like Zacharias. I have been trying more and more lately to trust God when it seems impossible. What is a time for you when God has moved and you have trusted or doubted? Have you found yourself thankful for what God is doing. ThankfulWeb

Today, Thanksgiving Day, find something God has done, or is doing in your life and be Thankful! Look at the Good and the Bad and see what God is doing to work ALL things for good in your life. Share that story here....Let me hear about what God is doing in your life or teaching you.