Complicated Migraine

Okay, so lots of people keep calling, texting, twittering, and emailing to ask what happenned yesterday. So, I figured this I the best way to answer everyone. So, here it goes. 

About 3:00 yesterday afternoon I started to get a headache. Very shortly after that started I started having vision problems. I saw lots of funny colors and had tunnel vision. Kinda like an acid trip!!! Anyway, that stuck around for about an hour. Then I had numbness all down my right side. Very odd! All of these things I have had before with a migraine. But, after about an hour I started having trouble speaking. I could not find the right words or complete words. Then i just couldn finish a word. If you know me at all, you know this is not normal. It completely scared me. Plus I started getting very weak ok my right side. 

So, I finally decided to visit the ER.

We got there and they put me right in. They gave me an IV. Then they gave me some "cocktail" and it knocked me out. They took me for a CT scan and checked my head. As hard as it is for many of you to believe, they found nothing!!!! Anyway, they gave me fluids and watched me for a while. Turns out it was a complicated migraine. The symptoms are identical to a TIA or a mini-stroke. So the doctors said to always come in. 

Scary night for me and for Allison. It really did scare me when I couldn't speak. But, as always, God is in control.

Thanks for your prayers and concerns. That should answer all your quesions. Have a great "Black Friday" and enjoy some great leftovers.