Waiting with a Vision

Often times in life it seems impossible to wait. Waiting is even harder when we have a passion and vision for something; some calling. When we have become passionate of something, the burning desire to see it come to fruition is almost uncontainable. But, life, as it is, requires us many times to wait. Wait on what? For some it may be timing, money, circumstance or people. For others it may be maturity, experience, wisdom or knowledge. But, reality still remains, we must sometimes wait. I don't know about you, but I very much dislike waiting. It is not my forte' nor my choice!

Since I was a young man, of about 15, God has given me a large vision for ministry. That vision was centered on building a ministry that has a large impact on our world. That vision is about seeing God change lives and spur a generation to live passionately for Him. We have spent many generations living in apathy and disregard for anything other than our own selves. But, it is time to change. Life is about relationships, life is about others. 

Since God opened the door on my latest ministry I have had a renewed sense of vision. I have had a vision of seeing our church become a huge breath of fresh air in a community marked by conservative, stagnant church and Christianity. East Tennessee is so saturated with churches; literally one on every corner. Most are dead or dying! There are a few great and growing churches. But for the most part, very few are welcoming and life-changing. We have exchanged the life transforming power of the Gospel for perfunctory processes and procedures. We come to church each week more out of habit and less out of privilege. Somehow we have lost the idea that we have such a great opportunity to come together as a community of believers and worship and study God's Word together.

My heart is to see this passion renewed. I want to see people realize the privilege of studying God's Word and worshipping Him together. I want to see people understand worship is more than great music, it is a lifestyle of service. I have a vision to see people fall passionately in love with Jesus. I have a passion to see people share Jesus through every aspect of their lives, both words and deeds. In a world where character is so very important, we need to be a people that are consistent! Our creeds and deeds need to match! That is the moral integrity and authority we have to establish as followers of Jesus to impact our world! I see a church that disciples people to live life this way. This is where a heart that is passionate for Jesus can make an impact. 

I see Grace Place as having the unique opportunity and placement to become a church that makes this impact. Will this be the time and place God brings my vision to fruition? I don't know. I pray each day He will. I have struggled everyday with people and circumstance that stand in opposition. But, God is bigger than our problems. God is capable of more than even we can imagine! This is where patience comes into play. We have to wait. When will our visions become reality? In God's timing! This morning as I was reading scripture I came across the following:

'I am still confident of this: I will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living. Wait for the Lord; be strong and take heart, wait for the Lord." Ps. 27:13-14

I know waiting is often difficult and seems impossible. But, it is necessary. We have to recognize that God knows all and sees all. We have to stop trying to be in control, and allow Him to lead us! Let His vision grow in you, let the passion multiply. When the time is right, God will harvest what He has sown in our lives!

What is your vision? What is your passion? Are you still waiting? Or, have you experienced God harvesting that vision in you? Take a moment and share those stories here.......