Like Never Before

LNBWe are calling our new campaign "Like Never Before in 2009". The challenge is simply this; What are you going to do in 2009 "Like Never Before"? I challenged our people to sum it up in one or two words. Very simple. I asked them to go with the very first idea that comes to mind. Then we asked them to write it on posters in the Worship Center and in the Cafe'. Then we are going to incorporate their words and handwriting into the final product, HUGE BANNERS. The idea is that they can see, for the duration of 2009, their ideas; In their handwriting. They will be reminded of their ideas. My hope is that our church will take ownership of its calling to change lives and love people! 

So, what have people been writing? Here's a sample:

Pray, Worship, Love Others, Love Their Kids, Love Their Spouse, Commit, Tithe, Serve, Read Scripture, Share the Gospel, Invite, Include Others, Sing, Participate, Care, Rest, Work, and Follow!

What will you do in 2009 "Like Never Before". It's not a New Years Resolution, but a life change! What will you commit to doing now that you will still be doing this time next year? Share your thoughts and ideas with me here........