Blogs That Have Made An Impact On Me!

This is Pete Wilson's blog. Pete is the Lead Pastor of Cross Point, a growing church in Nashville. He has a heart for his community and changing lives in his own backyard. That passion has been perpetuated throughout his church and his staff. His ideas are fresh, Christ-Centered and real. You will enjoy this one.

Byron is the Lead Pastor of C3 Orlando. Byron has a heart for healthy, strong and vibrant church leadership. C3 Church in Orlando has been through a massive regeneration in the last 3 years. God has used that to grow and change Byron and his staff. He is bold and yet humble as he leads. You will be encouraged by reading this blog.

Matt Fry is the Lead Pastor of C3 Church in Raleigh, NC. Matt is an innovative and influential pastor. He is loaded with fresh ideas and energy. He has a heart to see God's kingdom explode through relevant ministry. You will be excited and inspired by reading the thoughts and ideas Matt has to offer.

Maurilio is the Founder and CEO of The A Group. They offer innovative and exciting consulting for churches and ministries. Maurilio was an executive pastor with a heart for relevant ministry. You will be amazed at his creativity and ideas. 

Anne is an author and the personal assistant to Pete Wilson. She has a fresh perspective on life and ministry. She has a heart to be a part of reaching people through hands on experience. Her latest book "Mad Church Disease" will be out in early 2009. Check in out on Amazon!

Jason is a great guy. He is a new read for me. He captured my interest by his latest post. He has had some very similar experiences in life as myself. He has been in and out of ministry. He has a heart to see people "Make A Difference" in their life, work and ministry. Enjoy!

Dr. Grant, as I know him, is a man of exceptional wisdom, education and Godliness. He was the headmaster of my school growing up. He had, and continues to have a massive influence in my life. He helped me develop a passion to learn, read and gain knowledge. You will be amazed at his insight.

These are the most recent that I have been enjoying. I will do this more often. Let me know what you think about these after you give them a look! Have a great weekend.