My Biggest Holiday Struggle

Christmas TreeI love giving gifts, Starting about the 15th of December every year, money starts burning a HUGE hole in my pocket. I am consumed with buying gifts for everyone. I want everyone I know to get a little something that says "I thought about you". I think that is because I am all about relationships. Most of all, though, I love buying for my wife. We always set limits for each other and guess who never even pays attention to that limit?!?!? I cannot stand being limited. I will sell my own prized possessions in order to buy my wife the greatest gift ever. I am doing it again this year. Her gifts are going to be over the top. (Babe if you're reading this, I hope the anticipation is killing you! Oh, and you better not go over the limit.) Plus, I have added my boys. I keep finding fun things to give them and share with them. I want them to love giving s much as I do. I love giving gifts.

You know what I don't like.........Getting gifts! Crazy isn't it? But, I really don't enjoy it. I love seeing other people smile and get joy form the gifts I give. I don't like the attention being on me. Don't get me wrong, I love getting new things. I just like getting them myself. But, in doing so and feeling so, I rob people of some great blessings. I rob them from being able to get the same joy I get from giving gifts. That is not fair, and is actually sinful! It is selfish and prideful. This is something I struggle with at Christmas and birthdays. I have to surrender my selfishness constantly. We are called to consider others' needs greater than our own. That means gift giving/receiving as well. Read Philippians 2! Easier said than done for me. But, something I have to work very hard at doing. 

Is there something you struggle with during the holidays? What is it? Share....