Unexpected Opporuntity

Homeless PicI forgot my MacBook Pro charger at the office today. In a need to work, I had to go get it. The time was about 9:30. I drove my Grand Wagoneer down to the office. We meet in an 80+ year old shool house in a rougher part of town. When I arrived a man was tugging on the door. I asked how I could help him. He said he was looking for food and help. I told him to hang for a minute and went in and got my charger. (After all, I had to accomplish my objective.) When I cam back out I gave him $20 and offered him a ride to the "Golden Arches" McD's. As we loaded into the car, we saw an amazing sight. There were 3 cars, full of "dudes", exchanging "goods"! There was a HUGE drug deal going down. All this in our churches parking lot @ 9:30 pm. I LOVE IT! How cool is that. I went down late at night and God had an opportunity for me to share the Gospel. I did share about Jesus' love and care for the man I carried to McD's. He has been to the church once before. I will be looking for him on Saturday/Sunday. But, I will be looking for him during the week as well. I will be praying for him as well!

As I drove home my mind flooded with ideas. How can Grace Place utilize our location/demographic to reach these folks. How can we be part of our community. How can we do ministry right where God has placed us? We have lots of "middle class" and sheltered folks in our church. How can we get them out of their comfort zones, and doing ministry? 2009 is going to be a year of challenge for our people and for me. How can I inspire them to reach our community and make an impact? How can we be so passionately in love with Jesus that we want to be there all the time for our people?

Have you had one of these experiences? WHen was it? What was it? How did it impact your ministry, calling or passion? 

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