God's Work & Mercy In 2008

The one most fresh on my mind is my brother's recent car accident. This past Sunday morning around 3:30 AM my brother was in a horrible accident. He was driving on the south side of Franklin, TN and fell asleep at the wheel. He ran off the road into a ditch. He hit a concrete culvert and flipped his car. The accident was so violent it tore some of the wheels off his Jeep. As you can see in the picture, it was serious. But, he walked away, with barely a bruise. Thank God for His protection. God has done this 2 other time for my brother. I am thankful and amazed. I am glad I am not attending a funeral this Christmas. God has a plan for him, I know. I am encouraged and thankful for that fact. Jeep

Here is a short list of other things that God has done this year:

1. He opened a new door of ministry for me @ Grace Place

2. He is healing our church's open wounds

3. He saved dozens of people in our church, 7 this week alone!

4. He restored old friendships in ministry

5. He opened my eyes to new ways to grow as a leader

6. He provided incredible new mentors in my life, Thanks Joe, Len & Danny!

7. He gave me a new vision for changing lives and multiplying the Gospel. (Stay Tuned!)

These are the things that shaped my year. These are the things that will shape my ministry this next year. What has God done in your life this year? How will it affect your next 12 months?