More Than I Can Imagine

TeethI have been having LOTS of trouble with my teeth. I have some sort of pH problem with my blood and it causes my teeth to break and decay. It is bad. What can I say, but thank mom and ada for wasting all that money on my braces. My teeth are straight, but not in good shape. I have had 4 teeth recently break! All in a short period of time. Nothing ever happens in small proportions in my life. The reality, as I saw it, was that I would need 4 root canals and 4 crowns. Now, if you know anything at all, you know that is about $5000 worth of work on a good day. I don't have an extra $5000 for that sort of thing. So, I put it off and let the problem go. I dealt with lots and lots of pain. But, in my mind I had to somehow do odd jobs and save money to get the work done. In a bad economy, dentists don't give loans. 

This is where God enters......Some amazing people in our church, Grace Place, offered to help with the bill. They realized the pain I was in and how it affected my job. They wanted to be a blessing to me. Just the idea alone was amazing. they will never know what that meant and still means to me. So, they got me in with the best dentist in town. He did a consult and confirmed a few root canals, a surgery, and a handful of other issues. Needles to say it was going to be expensive. The reality was about $10,000!!! I was sacred to let these folks know the amount in fear they would not be willing any longer to help. But, they didn't even miss a beat. So I went and had my surgery, then I went and had 2 root canals. This is where God really showed His amazing nature. All of the dentists did the work without charge!!! WOW! The dentist who did the root canal is a believer. She wanted to be a blessing. 

So here's the main idea. I put off the work thinking I had to save some money. I didn't even pray for God to just provide the work. I prayed that He would give me the opportunity to make extra money. Sometimes, like this I reminded that God will give us just what we need, when we need it. It is just that we have to stop trying to get everything on our own, and allow Him to be God! I was reminded this week how God is so much bigger than we can think or imagine. I have come back to Ephesians 3:20-21 over and over. God can do more than we can think or imagine. Do you have faith in all things? Do realize just how big God is?

Share your story here.....What has God done in your life to teach you faith?