Nehemiah...A Great Leader

Takethiscityweb_4I have been preparing for our series on Nehemiah for about 6 weeks now. It has been a great time of study on such a great man. As I was rereading again today I realized a few key things. As a matter of fact, had I realized these things earlier I might have saved a few thousands dollars on books and conferences! Let me explain....

Nehemiah was the first great book written on leadership. It was his memoirs on what it took to be a successful and passionate leader. He did one key thing, he started with prayer. He does everything grounded in prayer asking for Gods timing and help. If we would do this everytime we start something, how much more successful and happy would we be.

Secondly, he was patient. He spent 4 months in prayer and fasting while he waited on God. We live in a world where patience is not "a good thing", but considered a flaw. We need to recognize God has the timing in His control. So I am learning to be patient. I have had a taste of this in the last 2 years waiting for my return to ministry. It has not been easy to wait, but the timing has made it a more enjoyable return.

Nehemiah is teaching me about prayer and patience. Niether is natural or easy in my human nature, but God is teaching me.

Make sure you tune in for our new series at Grace Place on Nehemiah. It is called "Take This City".