Passion for Our City


As I was teaching students tonight I was reminded again of what it means to have passion. Passion is having a deep desire for something. In my case it is to see a church full of people fall in love with Jesus. I don't mean that "sweet, affectionate love"; but a core, life changing love. The kind where people can't help but to talk about, think about, share, sing about, write about Jesus. I want to be in love like that. I want people to see that passion in me. Yes, my true passion is to see people live their lives that way.

Everyday as I drive through the city of Kingsport, I wonder what it would be like to see a city so in love with Jesus, He is everywhere. I imagine a city where the influence of Jesus, His love, His sacrifice and more are the marker by which we all exist. Grace Place has the opportunity to be a part of seeing this happen in our city. But we first have to claim that passion. We have to set and claim the vision. We just have to make sure, like Nehemiah, we start out in prayer.....