Articulating the Mission


As I was reading this morning I had a few things come to mind. I am working very hard to strengthen my own ministry/mission as well as our church's. This is a tough task! It requires tons of hard work and introspection. Not to mention some change. Change, no matter good or bad, is always a bit painful. So, I have task myself if I am ready for that. My ministry/mission/passion is to see people fall in love with Jesus. Our church is gonna do this through reaching lost and truly hurting people.

But, we have to ask few questions to prepare and move ahead. These questions are only effective if we are completely honest with ourselves!

1. Do you have a clear understanding/picture of Jesus?

2. Are you a biblically qualified leader and are the leaders in your church so qualified?

3. Can you or your church clearly articulate in one sentence the mission Jesus has called you to?

4. Would people around you and your church agree with the answer you gave or may give to the last question?

5. What can you or your church do to bring others into mission that are not on mission?

6. What are you currently doing to live out your mission?