Amazing Weekend @ Escape 08


We truly had an amazing weekend @ Escape 08. Doe River Gorge is simply one of the most beautiful places on earth. I love going there and enjoying the scenery.

What I enjoyed most was seeing the students find more reason to fall in love with Jesus. After spending time in worship they were understanding what it means to be yielded to a loving God. Then they spent time praying for each other. What an amazing time that was! There is nothing more amazing than praying for one another. One of my "eureka" moments came from discovering Jesus' prayer for us in John 17. I was amazed at seeing students find this and "get it"! How great is God!

Having Todd and Josh lead worship was awesome. We really experienced God as a group for the first time. I have to thank my leaders for making this thing possible. Allison, Kellie, Chris, Robin and Courtney; you guys are amazing. Thanks for being the great people you are. Thanks for investing in the lives of students. Thanks for being on our team in ministry.

God is truly good all the time!