Going Where God Is...

I have really become so burdened for this focus in my own ministry. God has really refocused the call on Allison and I. He has given us a heart and burden to plant new ministries. We have a vision, gifting, and desire to see God do something new. But sometimes, that new is not the "new" we think about it. Sometimes, new is somewhere, or something, God is already doing. Sometimes, he just wants us to jump in and be a part of it. In all actuality, nothing is new! We have to be focused on what God is doing already. Once we get that in our sights, we need to get involved. I want to make sure I am always part of what God is doing, and not trying to do my own thing. That's when I ask God to give me the "green light" to move ahead and make ministry happen. Without that signal, or confirmation, my attempts at ministry are destined for failure. Why? Because I am not working where God is working. We can only find success through the provision of Jesus. He is author of All things, not us!

As we vision for new and exciting ministry, my challenge is to always search out what God is doing. Then figure out how I can be part of it. Then ask God to use me to do something new and refreshing within that call. What is God calling you to do? How can you be part of what He is already doing?