Amazed by God!

awebannerToday in my mentor meeting I was given a gift that means more than anything. (I will stop and tout on my mentor group for a moment. I am very thankful for the Godly men that have been set in my life. These men invest in me greatly. They make me a better leader, pastor, father, husband and follower of Christ. I am blessed beyond words.) One of the guys handed me his hand-written notes from our Church Family Gathering last night. In that meeting, our church moved through some huge milestones with ease and unity. That is something that has not happen here in a very long time. Here are some of the phrases in those notes that impacted me......

"God has blessed us in ways that most of us never expected...and He is going to continue"

"....the leadership is working to ensure that Grace Place continues to have a positive, strong and consistent future..."

"The leadership has prayed.......and unanimously agreed....."

These statements are proof of something huge.....God is at work in our church. He has redeemed, regenerated and renewed a church for His glory. I am humbled and amazed to be part of something so awesome. I serve with a team of people who make ministry enjoyable, exciting, rewarding, challenging, life changing and God honoring. I can stand back and see God's hand in the last 7 months of GP and experience nothing but Awe! Here are the things that He has done in His timing and in spite of myself:

1. Unity in the Leadership

2. Unity in the Congregation

3. Growth globally of about 30%

4. Strength in Resources

5. New location to call home


What is it in your life and ministry that only God can take credit for? Have you seen God do this sort of thing in your world? Take time to reflect on it and give thanks to Him for those things.