Adoption.....God's Call

hugely important
Ethiopian OrphansSince we even started dating seriously 12 years ago, Allison and I talked about adoption for the future. We knew at some point God would prepare us for this step of faith. After nearly 7 years of marriage and 2 kids of our own, God has started preparing us for what is coming in the next year, maybe two! Seems crazy that our dream is starting to become reality.

Allison and I both have heart for kids. We love kids. We especially have a heart for providing a safe, loving home for kids who wouldn't have it otherwise. After years of going to Haiti, our heart has been turned to the kids there. After taking Allison for the first time in October, her heart had confirmation.

We have been presented with the need for adoption of a few specific kids from a few of our missionary friends in Haiti. Our hearts are so ready to open our home and family to new children. We are starting the process now. It could take 12-24 months. Be praying for our stamina and faith, It is rough, long process. We are asking God to provide and lead. It is expensive and hard work. But with His help we will be able to grow our family. Pray for our boys. Evan wants a new brother or sister; Noah is too young. But, by the time it happens, they will both need to be ready. We are excited. Will you pray with us?

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