Qualities of a Great Leader

We all need to take a moment and look at ourselves introspectively! What is it that you are good at? What areas of leadership do you involve yourself, and then find great success? What is that one thing that you are very good at doing? 

It is that one thing that your team needs from you. If we are all working to do what we are best at, we will succeed! However, if we are all trying to do something we aren’t great at doing, we will all suffer from mediocrity! So let’s look at some characteristics of good leadership! 

  1. A good Leader is always reaching for balance!

Though we are taught to be balanced, it can cause problems in leadership. If we are trying to balance our abilities between too many things, we sacrifice the one thing we are really gifted in doing. In doing that the whole leadership core is compromised! Being balanced looks good on a resume’, but in real life it stinks. Do only what only you can do well!

  1. We must distinguish between our authority and our competence!

A good leader knows how to properly use his authority. However, if we go around abusing our authority, and getting involved in things we are not good at we cause problems. By doing so we can knock a project of course, and de-motivate the people making it happen. Stick to what you know! Allow other to stretch you and your faith!

  1. Don’t let guilt drive you!

There are leaders who refuse to play only to their strengths, because they feel like a lesser person or guilty to delegate the things they do not like to do. Realize that some people get energized doing to exact thing you may hate doing! Let other people help you! They are your key to success.

  1. Don’t become un-approachable!

As leaders become successful, they seem to become harder to reach. But, as a leader people need to feel confident in talking to you, and even sharing in your weaknesses with you! Allow others to point out area of growth and challenge. Doing this brings great respect!

  1. Take time to develop other leaders!

Realize that you don’t last forever! Someone will eventually have to take your place. Train others to do what you do, allow them to experience success and failure as well! You are investing in the future of the ministry you are building.