Inching Forward

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So, here goes....The past week has been a very busy one. 

1. We finished the piles and piles of paperwork required to get our home study started. It really is unreal the stuff that they want to know about you. Our social worker, Laura, came to our house for our first meeting and home inspection. You can only imagine how much time I spent cleaning and making sure every outlet was covered! The meeting went great, despite the fact that Evan and Noah had to be involved in everything and colored all over some of the papers we spent so much time preparing. Got to love that!

2. We are going to be raising support to help cover the cost of most of the adoption. It really stresses me out but I am trying to relax in the fact that I know God will provide. We are trying to think creatively about ways to raise money. I was reading someone's blog (I cant even remember who) and from there I kept clicking links to other peoples blogs. I stumbled upon a website that designs t-shirts for families and the proceeds go towards their adoption. I really fell in love with the site and thought that their t-shirts looked awesome. I e-mailed them to ask for more information about how we could possibly be a part of what they offer. I honestly thought they would probably have a waiting list. Long story short I talked to the owner who was fantastic and so excited to help us! It was totally a God thing! We will work together to design a shirt that hopefully all of you will want to buy. :-) Check out their site We would love
to know if you have any other ideas about creative ways to raise money.

3. We received our official acceptance from Holt International!!! We got our case worker assigned to us and things are moving. Along with the acceptance came a MASSIVE guide book to help let us know what to do next and pretty much every step of the whole process. That was a bit overwhelming. I have a feeling our case worker and I will become great friends!

4. Michael and I both completed our one on one interviews with our social worker. They both seemed to go very well. We feel like we are making a good connection with Laura. I mean that should be a no brainer considering she knows EVERY detail of our whole lives!

So far things have gone so smoothly and seem to be moving at a good pace. Now we just have to pray that continues! I know we still have a long road ahead of us but everyday I imagine and dream about the day that we will meet our daughter. I can almost feel her in my arms!

Thanks for checking in on us and as always thank you for your prayers!