True Confession

Can I confess something? I really lost sleep last night after I had an eureka moment. As a leader I feel as though I need to be transparent when I realize that God has convicted me and shown me my shortcomings, or my sin!

I have talked a lot about the key struggles our church has walked through over the course of the past 9 months. It has been a tough period of time. We have had to rebuild structure and align with scripture. We have had to change, and that alone is a painful process.

Here’s the confession…..We have been so inwardly focused for 2-3 months now that we have neglected our calling! We have put the bulk of our energy and resource in to taking care of ourselves, and not the community we are called to. We have placed focus on process, procedures and buildings. Instead, our focus should be on saving souls and changing lives!

What a sin of idolatry we have committed! We have worshipped ourselves, our needs and our wants; instead of worshipping Him with ALL we have. I am ashamed! We have become an enemy of the Gospel! We are worshipping the created and not the Creator......

It hit me like a ton of bricks yesterday! I was watching a video from a church that is growing like crazy and seeing thousands of peopel give their lives to Jesus! I watched, dreaming about how that could be us one day. I found myself saying things like: “If we had their resources” or “If we had their staff” or “If we had their creativity” then we would be there! The reality is that all that stuff is awesome and adds to their mission. But, they would still be where they are today without all that other stuff! Why? Because that church’s main focus is sharing the Gospel!

We have put ourselves, our desires, our needs, our egos, our agendas in the way of the Gospel. We have quit focusing on perpetuating His fame and sharing the hope we have in Him. If we would place our focus and energy on that, we would be blessed beyond imagination. God provides ALL the needs of His people who believe in Him. When we seek His kingdom and righteousness FIRST, then ALL these things will be added unto us! So, we have to quit focusing on “all these things” and focus on the one thing. The Gospel!

That starts with me, then moves to our core leadership, then to our people! God can use us no matter our abilities or resource! We just have to have the willingness to let Him use us. A building, a video, a cool website, a great bulletin, a fat bank account, a great idea are only tools. But they are not limiting factors to God growing His church. If He sees fit to grow his church, He will!

Our goal this year is to see 850 people in our church and baptize no less than 100 people! So, everything we do will be based on those goals. We will do what it takes to bring in 850 people and baptize 100! We will stop at nothing! We are here to share the gospel and change lives. We are not here to create a great organization! We are God's church, God's people and His creation!