Healthy Volunteers

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1. Apply by interview with a Team Leader

2. Be committed to seeking God in your personal life

This means you are committed to regular study of the scriptures & prayer

3. Be committed to the vision and mission

We find success through our team’s support and belief in the vision of the ministry. Your support to continuing the vision is of the highest importance. We must all be unified in our purpose!

4. Mentor someone to take your place

We must be committed to raising up and training the next generation of leadership! We desire your help in preparing those who aren’t quite ready to be leaders. We will help you get paired up with someone to mentor. We are called to multiply leadership!

5. Have a check-up meeting every 8-12 weeks

Every 8-12 weeks you need to meet with your team leader. This is just to see how you are doing and keep up with how you feel about being a leader. It helps us supply the resources and training you need to be successful

6. Be consistent in attendance

Part of being a leader is being visible. People follow people who show interest and involvement in the greater vision and mission.

7.   Maintain a Christ-like lifestyle in as much as possible. 

I will covenant to maintain a Christ-Like lifestyle in my public and private life. I will abstain from sexually immorality of all kinds. (pre-marital sex, extra- marital sex, pornography, etc) I will abstain from the abuse of drugs and alcohol. I will avoid participating in gossip at all costs. 

I commit to abide by all the above expectations during my time as a volunteer leader. It is my goal to pursue excellence and glorify Christ in all I do. As a representative of our church and our ministry, I will seek to support and grow the vision and mission. I understand that should I fail to meet these expectations, I forfeit my position as a volunteer leader. In that instance I will be asked to discontinue serving until the issues have been resolved and my lifestyle exhibits evidence of these expectations. 

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