The Call to the Nations/City by Dave Bruskas

The Call to the Nations/City by Dave Bruskas

Your vision is too small!

No matter where we want to go, or the influence that we plan to make, we are never able to see the vision God sees. Psalms 2:8 & Phil 2:8 show us that God will give us everything, all we need is to trust His capability.

We are often more prone to love the call on our lives than the One who has called us!

Part of our problem is that we have placed the church in Jerusalem on a “shiny poster” as a goal and idol.

Acts 11:19-30

God will, providentially, spread His church and His Word through persecution and through exhortation. When the city/nation reacts, the church has the chance to respond.

We must PROGRESS in our call to reach the nations through God’s Providence. Acts 11:19

If we are going to communicate the Gospel (The Whole Story) people will not respond to that from a neutral position! They need a catalyst.

In scripture, persecution was the very catalyst. Far too often we strive for a community stamp of approval in order to grow our influence and ministry. But, sometimes we flourish through the rejection of a community.

Sometimes persecution causes us to scatter. When that happens the Gospel is multiplied and moves outward.

Persecution can keep the church from being inwardly focused and stuck in one spot!

We have to work extra hard to reach outside of our comfort zones and our culture to reach people. Sometimes we need to stretch and start sharing the Gospel with people who are not like us. This can be a racial, ethnic, ethical, sexual orientation, etc set of issues.

We have to be committed to plant churches. As we do this we have to be committed to scaling walls, and knocking those wall over!

We need to work through the Progression of People Acts 11:20-21

This means a move from Oikos to Xenos.

Move away from what we hold dear as a cultural bias and reach out to the lost. Don’t let the social norms and comforts keep you from reaching people.

We must have Progression in Paternership Acts 11:22-30

There is an umbilical cord in this church that reaches form it’s parent church. It creates a connection and cooperation. Churches do not need connection only, they cooperation!

If we are going to reach out to urban centers, we have to use partnerships in order to survive.

The problem with most church planters is that cooperation is not really part of our DNA. We connect to share war stories, not resource!

The problem with most pastors is they don’t want cooperation, and chose to live in competition! It’s called EGO & SIN!

We need to partner with people who will help us multiply our influence. We need to boost each other in order to boost the Gospel.

If we are going to multiply our influence we need cooperation and partnership.

We have seen a shift from strategy in planting to a structure for planting. There is little in scripture about the strategy. Why? Because we are to proclaim the gospel….that is the strategy. So, we need to know the structure in order to be healthy and prepared.

The Bible speaks directly about structure. That means we need to build our churches around the structure in the Bible! This is a must.

Build a church, leadership team and ministry around the structure that is taught in the Bible. The Bible has got to your highest form of authority.

Structure needs to be in place if the church is going to hear from Jesus! Leadership that is appointed by their calling will lead from the ability to hear and respond to God’s calling and direction!

Acts 13:2-3……….

Has God set you and your leadership apart? Has the mission been started by the calling of the Holy Spirit. Being yielded to the Holy Spirit is how these men in Acts 13 heard from God. By hearing from God they went out on mission. By hearing and following the power of the Holy Spirit, they were successful. That is why we need Godly men who hear from the Lord to lead us!

The culmination of a great mission is found in Acts 13:48, the disciples were filled with joy and the Holy Spirit. As we begin to build mission, our focus has to shift from mission to worship. If that does not happen, missions will kill worship.

Mission is not the primary focus of a church, worship IS! Why? Because God deserve the focus, not man! God deserve the glory, not man.