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What would I describe s my highlights from this most recent trip to Haiti? Hmmmmm…..Well, I can say this, I am no longer surprised or amazed at what I see, smell, hear or find. But, I am always amazed at what God teaches me while I am in Haiti. It is always a humbling and inspiring time for me. So, to answer my own question….

Primarily I would say that I realized this time, more than before how powerful the Word of God is in any language. I had the great privileged of preaching twice this past Sunday in two separate churches. Admittedly, I was truly nervous. I never get nervous when I speak, but this time I was. I could not speak the same as I do at home. People living in a village in Haiti do not want to hear my everyday stories of life, Starbucks and television recollections. Why? Well, simple, they’ve never experienced any one of those things. Life is so completely different. So, I had to do the unthinkable in American church, I had to preach the straight scriptures. But, that is the very thing I love to do.

I taught from Romans 12:1-2 on Sunday morning and 1 Corinthians 13 and 1 John 4 on Sunday afternoon. I simple read the Word, and taught the basic principles. I did throw in a few illustrations about goats and mangos, but overall, it was quite simple. I was amazed at the response of the people. We had folks get saved, we had people say the finally understood the Word better. I was completely humbled. God used me to be an instrument in changing lives. WOW!

My team all had many highlights. Each of our highlights comes from our areas of expertise and talents. But, even more those highlights came from our willingness to be used by God.

Steve and June worked everyday to meet the medical needs of the people in Pignon. They saw dozens if not hundreds of patients over the days we were there. We saw things that you don’t see at home. For Steve I know the highlight was stumbling across this lady with the massive Goiter. Steve and June worked and coordinated for her to go into the hospital and to have surgery. She is due for surgery later this next week. Be praying for her healing.

For Kayla, Jake and Brad it was the kids. I know they really enjoyed playing games and talking to the kids. They played soccer, volleyball, and other Haitian games. Jake had the chance to teach guitar lessons a few days. As we prepared to leave, I think Kayla had he hardest time leaving. She is ready to go back with my team in August.

I am thankful for a great week. I am looking forward to my return in a few short months with the next team of folk who get to experience Haiti, my 2nd home!