A29 Boot Camp Session 1 Mark Driscoll

Session 1 Mark Driscoll March 9, 2009

Identifying you Call…The Call

The difference between a calling and a job is significant.

You will live your call as a lifestyle…Too many men pastor as a job instead of a calling. That’s why 3500 churches close every year!

Campus planting is a newer form of church planting in today’s world. We need men to plant churches and campuses of churches all over the world. It takes the same sort of man to do both a campus and a plant!

You will be tested in every area of your life as you plant. Your finances, family, marriage, etc. Your calling is all you have to hold string as you grow your church through your calling.

Paul identifies his calling Such as Galations 1 with a reminder of his calling. We will need to know our call and be certain. We will need to be reminded of that call 1000’s of times!

Apostolic calling…What is it?.....Not one equal to the disciples and of Paul! Those guys were in a office appointed by Christ/God. The Apostolic call we talk about is a gifting, not an office. A church planter must be gifted with an Apostolic calling.

The gift of Apostle is different from a pastor! A pastor can lead a church, an apostle can build a church! The Apostle has a missionary gift mix. There is a difference in shepherding a flock and making one! A pastor is trained to go in a steward the things that exist, an apostle is one who create those things. A church planter destroys existing churches! They are seen as trying to fight the old and “our new wine into old wine skins”.

1.     Have I responded to the Gospel call and received the Holy Spirit! Acts 1:8

I must be born again and be empowered to follow the Call! Work out your salvation with fear and trembling! Season your faith!

2.     Is the Holy Spirit out ahead of me planting the Church? Acts 2

We don’t plant a church for God, we plant churches with God! Has God prepared the way! Has God anointed the church you are planning to create with Him? Sometimes the Holy Spirit is working ahead of us and we spend our time trying to catch up! These things can be evidence that God has in fact chosen you to be the church planter. If you have money, people and a place…..God is working with you to plant. If those things are present, then God is out ahead of you planting the church!

3.     Is my call to plant obvious to other great leaders?

The best examiners of potential church planters are successful church planters! That is why leaders need to assess potential leaders! This is part of multiplying leadership. This is the main reason for the mentoring process of church planting. Are the people closest to you able to see this very thing in your life?

4.     Has God confirmed my church plant by showing up in miraculous manners? Acts 3-4

This is not always common…but, it can be! Grace Church is a great example. PRASIE GOD! Is it obvious it’s a God thing? If so, make sure you give Him the credit!

5.     Am I reaching lost people to start my plant?

You know you’re effective when non-christians are paying attention! Are you fulfilling our central call as a follower of Christ? Are you reaching lost people? If you’re not reaching lost people, you’re not a church planter! If meeting with Christians is boring you, and being around the non-believers is exhilarating….Then you’re a church planter!

6.     Has Jesus shown up and told me to plant?

Has God spoken clearly to you about being the planter? Has he given you a vision? Has he shown you what His plan is? Has He spoken clearly to you? (Yes for Allison and I at Grace!)

7.     Has God called me to plant through a vision? Acts 10:1-11:18

Have you had a vision for what God is going to do through you and  your church? Have you had a “visual prophecy” from God about the future of your calling? Make sure you test this to spiritual leadership! Submit to the authority and wise leadership in your life to be sure. Just because you have an experience does NOT mean you get to do what you want to do! This doesn’t not happen often, but it does happen! Make sure you do not abuse this if it happens.

8.     Has God providentially relocated me to plant? Acts 11:19-21

Sometimes God scatters us in order to place us where He needs up to be! Has God done this, and is He calling you to plant in this new place. This is a great example of God’s providential hand!

9.    Is God sending me to plant because my current church doesn’t need me? Acts 13:1-3

Sometimes we have too many chiefs in one spot. Sometimes God shows up and moves you out so you can multiply ministry! You may be in a good church, and God intends to use you to build another good church! God will send you to where you are needed. Sometimes this is part of campus planting! Maybe your campus needs to multiply and you would be best used and utilized in another location. The key is to be humble in this situation! BE HUMBLE!

10. Is God calling me to plant because I am wasting my time in a toxic place! Acts 14

Are you in a place of turmoil and division? Are you in a place where the church you are in has a bad reputation? Is you church itself in combat with the Gospel? If so maybe God is calling you out to be used where you are not opposed at every turn! Sometimes we need to get out when there are all “wolves” in the upper leadership!

11. Am I called to be a catalytic church planter or one to plant as a movement?

Will it be one place, or am I at the center of a movement? Will I be there long term, or will I be a missionary going from place to place starting new churches? There are 2 kinds of planters/leaders? Your family may be the determining factor! You may be a movement maker if you get bored easily. You may be catalytic if you hate change! You can be both! You can be the epicenter of a larger movement. Are you a “lifer” or not?

12. Has God called me to plant by giving me a deep burden/calling for my city?

Is the place where we are place that we are passionate about reaching? Do we have a heat beat for the city?

13. Has God called me to plant by giving me a core group?

Do I have the core people I need to get moving? DO I have a set of people who also has a desire to see God start a movement?

You prove yourself, then you plant. You do not plant to prove yourself!

Do not plant a church in order to have a lecture circuit! A church planter wants and needs a platform to reach people and chare the Gospel!

After recognizing your calling, you Need confirmation! That is the purpose of being assessed by other leaders. 1 Timothy 3 tells us that we need a calling. The Bible also tells us that wee need to be tested and approved.

Assessment is based on 1 Timothy 3, your character, your family, your teaching, your doctrine, your gifting, your courage, your personal life, your health, your financial ability & faith

After calling and confirmation, you need coaching! Success and failure is based on coaching! You need a guy in your corner who can help you as you face struggle! You will need a network and relationship to carry on.

Networks that survive and sustain have a calling, confirmation and coaching!

It takes humility to be coached and be loved, even if its tough love, by someone who is invested in your success and God’s fame.

Church planting is not something you to do prove who God is, it is something you do in humility as God uses you!