Mixing It Up!

I reckon I can tackle the hardest of subjects in regards to our adoption process. Hope you’re ready for this, because for some this could strike at the core of who you are and your values. So, get ready…..

When we began the process of adoption, it came from a desire to bring a child home from a country that is very dear to us, Haiti. We love Haiti. As a matter of fact, I will be back for yet another trip in 2 weeks, my first of a few trips this year. But, in the process we discovered that we do not qualify. It was a matter of age…We’re not old enough. In some respects, I guess that is a good things right!

Once that roadblock was apparent and we knew we had to move on, we began investigating other countries. We looked in Guatemala, Argentina, Brazil, Russia, Ukraine, Korea and Mongolia. The other one we looked at was Ethiopia. We actually went straight there from Haiti. But, decided to keep looking just to be informed and sure of our selves. In the process, we always came back to Ethiopia. I think for both of us, this was rooted in our love a desire for Haitian adoption.

So, about 2 months ago, the decision was made, and we began the long road of paperwork and fundraising. We were accepted into Holt International’s Ethiopia Program in January. As of now we are 2 months into a 3-5 month paperwork process. (That is a blog for a different day!) We have been belabored by the process, we are excited because each step gets us one day closer to expanding our family.

Here’s the real subject……We are going to become a multi-racial family! Mind you, in some parts of the US this is no big deal. But, we live in the South! Yeah, I am stereotyping people at this point. But, I have experienced the deep-south for what it’s worth! And, I found it to be raw at times. I lived in Montgomery, Alabama, for many years. I attended a school where I fell into a minority as a white student. I grew up listening to older relatives make jeers and comments about “colored” folks. The idea of inter-racial dating and marriage was out of the question. Especially the further south you travel.

But, times have begun to really change. We have a black president for the first time in history. After living in Minneapolis for a year I realized that inter-racial marriage really is no big deal for a large portion of our country.

But, there is still a large portion of people who are not sure what to think. It is not that they feel like one race is better than another. It is not an inborn hatred or ill will. It is simply a departure from the norm. It is change, and change scares the hell out of people! Really!

We have found even within our own family that the process of thinking through a multi-racial family is a wild idea. Admittedly, it is not easy when we have to have one of those mildly awkward conversations regarding this subject. But, the reality is that once it has happened, the minds and attitudes are at ease. People simply need to hear us say and articulate our understanding of the weight of being “different”. It is our desire that we become part of a larger movement of people and families, who see this very thing become the norm.

Scripture tells us that "there is neither Greek nor Jew….." God sees no color, He sees no difference. If we are to be imitators of Christ, then we must view people in the same way. Our duty is to love and care for those in need!

James 1:27 says that true religion is caring for widows and orphans in times of need!

My question to you is this…….Would you be able to become a multi-racial family? Why? Why Not?