The Miracle at Grace Church

Sunday nights are a unique time for me. Why? Because, while I am completely exhausted, I am on an adrenaline high and it takes forever for me to wind down. All I want is to go to bed and sleep, but my mind says NO! This weekend has taken that to another level. Grace Church experienced one of those inspiring, life-changing weekends that left me and everyone else wanting more! What was it? All I can say, is that it was God at work! God has been doing some HUGE things in our midst lately.

I am really humbled and honored to be where God is working. The reality is that it is God at work in ways we cannot explain. In the course of the last 18 months our church has been through some major up’s and down’s! Only 6 months after being planted the lead pastor left due to moral failure! This split the church and destroyed many lives. People were left hurting, disillusioned and angry. Only a short 6 months later the church walked through another split. It was looking pretty certain that our church would be closing it’s doors just one year after being planted. But, God had other plans!

Over the past few months we have seen God reorganize the leadership, take us through a name change and grow our vision and resources. These things are the evidence of what God has been doing. I am really humbled and amazed that I get a seat in this wild ride. There have been moments and days I have wanted to runaway. But, by the grace of God and His sustaining strength, my family and I have persevered. The rewards and blessings are amazing!

Today was one of those awesome days of reward. We saw people really doing business with God. The response to the Word today was incredible. We saw people giving their lives to Jesus, we saw people making restoration with one another and we saw people worship with all their strength. This weekend was one of inspiration. The people of Grace Church, and my family alike, all left with the following thought: Who will I bring next week to experience God at work? We have finally been able to move away from focusing on issues, and focusing on the most important thing……The Gospel! That is the real miracle.

This is evidence to me that God is a redeeming and loving God. He has redeemed our church and our people. He has renewed a vision and mission for Grace Church. I was reminded today that less than 1% of churches survive the hell we’ve been through. But, God saw fit to pull us through. So, this Sunday night is one of those nights I am not sure I’ll ever go to sleep, because I don’t want this day to end!