Future Hope

Our Goal is to create a church that connects to the community and changes it’s landscape. We want Grace Church to be crucial to the life of Kingsport. We want our church to have influence in the local government, schools, culture, events and families. This will only happen through intense community involvement. We have done that in part, and continue to develop that. As we rebuild/replant, our community is taking notice. We have been investing in families and people in ways that are invaluable to them. This gives us leverage to share the Gospel. We want to live out the Gospel as a community within the city, and attract the city to join. We must charge 2 of our primary leaders to join the Chamber and another public area of service and connection. This idea has been met with tons of encouragement and support from our church and community.

We are developing a 3rd service and a new venues for our students and adult small group ministries. We don’t want to be known as a church in one location. We want to be present throughout our community. We are finding local small business to partner with us such as restaurants and coffee shops.

We are in the early process of hiring an associate pastor to handle Small Group and Discipleship development for Grace Church. We need another leader with the administrative and discipleship heart to build and establish this ministry. In doing so we plan to establish between 35-50 small group that meet throughout the Kingsport area over the next 18-24 months.

We, hopefully, will be adding one additional Elder and one additional member to our Board in January 2010. This has already begun through our mentoring/leadership development process explained above. We hope that through the same process we will add the same number again in January 2011. All of this is through the proper discipleship and planning process.

The future looks bright. As we chase after God’s call on our lives as leaders and the vision of Grace Church, God will guide us. As we continue to give Him credit and worship Him, we will be on track.