C3 Round Table

Pastor’s Round Table with Matt Fry

Back to the Basics

  1. When your called you won’t quit when things get tough!

  2. When you’re called you won’t give in during adversity….TRUE!

  3. When you lead from calling you won’t make excuses when ministry is slow!

  4. When you lead from calling, you won’t blame your team for lack of results!

  5. When you lead from calling, you will have passion from the inside, not outside. (NOTHNING pressures that calling!) No one in your ministry will truly be more passionate than the senior leader! 2 Cor 4:16

  6. When you lead from your calling, you won’t seek applause and acceptance from other men!

  7. When you lead from your calling, it’s about pleasing Jesus, not men. Galatians 1:10….Are we trying to please God or Man?

  8. When you lead from your calling, you will honor and support your leader. As a senior pastor that is our elders/accountability group. Hebrews 13:17 We may not always agree with what other leaders are doing. We may not like it always….But honor them and learn from them!

  9. When you lead from your calling, you will not wear a mask! You will be genuine and real. You will not shy away from being the person God created you to be. You will live in Integrity!

If your church has grown by 10-15% it is time to restructure and rethink how you do everything! Make sure your infrastructure matches the vision and next steps for your church!

One great tool is having your connect/small group being sermon based. Make sure your church is on the same page! It streamlines management and overseeing of small group ministry!

If connection is easy, obvious and strategic you will get people assimilated faster and with better results!

The sooner you get a person connected to a small group or ministry team, the better chance you have of discipling them and seeing lives changed!