Taking Ownership

Hey Folks,

Over the past few months the Grace Church leadership has been praying about something big. We have been wanting to touch base with each and everyone who has had interaction on any level with our church and our people. We wanted to also let you know what God has been doing here. But, most importantly, we wanted to be sure that you and your family are well.

It really goes without much explanation that the past 18+ months have been very tough and trying on anyone and everyone who has been associated with Grace Church, formerly Grace Place. We recognize that so many people invested their very heart and soul into building a great church. We recognize that in the midst of all of it, most of you have been hurt. Your trust, confidence and love for the church in general, for any pastor and any leadership in church has been tested, damaged and possibly destroyed. As a church we want to recognize that very thing. We want to say that we are deeply sorry and heart-broken because of this. Many folks not only left Grace Church, they left the church as a whole. That is the most grievous pain we feel and recognize. We want to apologize and say that we are aware of all that has happened.

For many people, you have returned to your home church, or another church. We are very grateful you have found a place to call home. Please make sure you love your church, love your pastor and serve those people. Do not let the past here interfere with your worship with and investment in that church. We are united under one church, one Savior and one purpose. So, please make the most of the church family you are part of. If you have not found a church, or have given up on church, we want to let you know that we have an open door for you. We would love the opportunity to love on you and be your church family. We want to be a place you can feel welcome, cared for and loved.

God has been doing some incredible things at Grace Church. We are preparing to move to our new home on Eastman Road in just a few weeks. That new building will accommodate a new and exciting Children’s Ministry, Cafe, Worship Center and so much more. We know God is going to change lives in that new home for Grace Church.

We have seen our church grow in leaps and bounds since the beginning of 2009. But, the best part is that we have seen people meet Jesus. We have been baptizing almost weekly! God has been changing lives, drawing new people to Himself and restoring families. God is a miracle working God. We are honored to play a very small role in God’s plan. We have huge visions for the future and are staying on our knees asking God to guide us as we move ahead.

Our vision is to be a church where people can Discover Jesus, Serve People and Grow Together.  We want to make an impact on our community, our city and our world. Thanks for having been part of what God has done at Grace Church.

Sincerely yours,

Michael Robison

Lead Pastor of Grace Church