Haiti Relief During Disaster

Folks, I think for most of you it will be no surprise that the earthquake in Haiti is heavy on my heart. Dozens of my closest friends are in that country serving. Having spent lots of time there, my heart is shattered tonight. There are millions of people hurting and in great need tonight. It is in these moments that we have the opportunity to show how God's people can work for those in great need. Now's our chance step up!

With the partnership of Safe Water Nexus and Grace Church we are going to begin collecting as much as possible to send for relief. We need lots of supplies and food. The list is available via the link below. Please be in prayer for those who are trapped, those who are greiving loss and the long road ahead.

Click here for the list of needs for Haiti Relief and ways to contribute.

Drop off locations avaialable in Kingsport, Nashville, Franklin TN  Atlanta, Ga  Alabama  Vancouver, BC  Kentucky  Virginia  Kentucky  and more. For a complete list click the link above!

For more information call the Grace Church offices at 423.765.0321 or Safe Water Nexus 423.366.6368

Thanks for being a praying and active people.

Pastor Michael Robison