"How to Grow" is one of the toughest battles that  church leaders will face.

However, for those who are achieving growth in pursuit of our greatest calling, to make disciples, then we need recognize and face our limiting factors....our common battles.

The reality is that even the largest churches, fastest growing churches and "hippest" churches have all had the same battles to get there....And if you and I are going to reach that place one day, we will have to face the same battles.

Lids are the limiting factors to growth.

1. The Lid of Priority:We must always be bringing in new people...NOT Christians, but Non-Christians! But, when our focus stays outside, we do something all growing churches do...We grow from the outside in!

2. The Lid of FacilitiesWe live in a world and society characterized by convenience. If your facilities don't fit this cultural marker, you will be limited.

3. The Lid of Governance: the wrong structure will kill youYour internal leadership must be made up of leaders, not doers or talkers. Doers and talkers take up room and limit the buy in of others....When you limit the buy in of others, you will limit your churches leadership potential.Acts 20:28Hebrews 13:17Acts 6:1-6

Grace Church

Primarily, we need to focus on people discovering Jesus and not just growing our churches. When people are meeting Jesus our churches will grow!

What lids are you facing?