I Want It Back....Restore Me!

Most of us have heard that God intends for us to have life abundantly, John 10:10, but few of us have experienced what that really is!

The reality is that the deeper we are hurting, the deeper we have wounded someone and the further from God's pattern from life we are...The more we wish we could relive portions of our lives and have them back!

Many of us experience this same thing throughout most areas of our lives, not just sex. We get caught in patterns that leave us frustrated, empty, lonely and fearful. That's not what God designed.

(Some of us feel as though our lives have been destroyed by an invasion of some sort as well!)repentreturn

In our lives, we can have it back....we can be restored

Everything we have destroyed in our lives can be restored. We need to seek forgiveness and run to the God who loves us unconditionally! The result is restoration, hope and a future.

"I will restore to you the years that the swarming locust has eaten."

What do you long for God to restore in your life?

Photo Courtesy of Esther Havens, taken post Earthquake in Port au Prince, Haiti