The Necessity of Change

Here’s more food for thought today. Something on which I’d love to get your input and insight.

Churches, like people, grow and mature. With growth and maturity comes change. Those changes include things such as new facilities, New style (music & decor), New Influencers (Leaders, Overseers & Mentors) and New Diets (for many new places to learn and new experiences). Like a child growing up, life has to change. The food and habits necessary to raise and feed an infant will barely sustain and adolescent, and those things for adolescence will not sustain a mature person.

As a church you must move from the infancy stage of life into adolescence, or beyond that to maturity. That means you will have to make some changes, additions and persevere the awkwardness of such a stages. What you have done for the previous years has been perfect for getting started, or sustaining. But, if you're sitting stagnant in one of these stages, it is time to start changing things. If you keep doing what we have done, expecting different results, you are simply defined as insane.

We want to see growth and vibrancy. If it's not happening, we have to be honest that what we have been doing isn’t producing those results. I’m not sure what those changes will be. But, I know you'll go crazy if you don’t start working to get the ball rolling in these new stages of life.

We all have to be willing to shift our roles, our responsibilities and give more time and effort to these new stages. Without that, we will continue to see the same results as the past. And that will leave us frustrated, unfulfilled and bitter!

We all have an essential role in our churches. Some of us are Managers, looking to add order to the mix & structure. Some of us are Doers, looking to get it done, and do it well. Then there are those like me, we are Entrepreneurial. We are living in the future, driving ahead and dreaming. Yet, without all of these we can’t survive.

But, structure matters HUGELY. You need to structure for success and for your vision. The Entrepreneurs lead the dream, vision and direction of everything. The Managers will add structure and order to the dreams and vision. And the Doers make sure things get done and done according to the vision and dreams within the structure. We all play an important part in this. Any time we occupy a role that is not our, we will create turmoil and wreak havoc on the rest of the team.

All in all, it is time to really begin to see yourselves shifting in the process of chasing your vision. You may exist in your current role or a new one that is better suited. And, of course we may have to shift in our way of thinking, our perspective on our churches. If you have operated as a church of 300-400, and as a result have reached that plateau...CHANGE! It is time to operate, staff, structure and think like a church of 800-100. In order to do that, you need to seek help, input and wisdom from pastors who have been through that, and are already there.

You need to start making calls and talking to those guys in and around your area who have reached the next level. Do that so that you can get input and insight into how they have made the transitions and changes necessary to grow. Learn from them, put what they share into practice. Do do exactly what they do, transform it to fit your culture and your mission! In this process you will start seeing growth and change. I promise when you start operating and making decision as a larger church, you will see numerical growth and monetary growth. If your people see and hear a vision that dictates 300-400 people in the way you operate, the result is they will give and serve to that level. That will be your end result. Is that what you want?

It’s time to step it up. It’s critical. If you are going to accomplish our mission, you must start this process.

Primarily, keep praying for changed lives. Keep doing WHATEVER it takes to reach people far from God and share the Gospel.