Note to Grace Church from Pastor Michael

Hey Grace Church.....

Some truly eye-opening days of learning have really inspired, challenged and encouraged me. I want to share whats God's doing in my heart and our church.

1. Sunday was an amazing day! We had 11 people make a decision to follow Jesus. After talking about Jesus being our healer we saw an amazing move of God at Grace Church. During the response time of worship we saw people respond greatly to what God is doing. In that time we saw dozens approach our crosses, even more take time to pray for others at our candle stations; and then to top it off, 11 people Discovered Life in Jesus. That's what it's all about....Life, Hope Freedom and Grace. God is working, and we are part of His movement at Grace Church!

2. This coming Sunday will be incredble...We are going to talk about Jesus as being our ransom and rescue. No doubt that we ALL need a rescuer and ransom for our problems and issues in life. That the very thing that Jesus came to do for us. Make sure you are there to hear about Hope and Freedom in Jesus. If you know anyone who needs to hear about this aspect of who Jesus Is, invite and bring them. Join us at 9:30 or 11:00. (As a reminder, we will have services no matter the weather!)

3. Today I had a great conversation with one of the greatest leaders in the last 30 years, Dr. Ed Dobson. He challenged me as a pasor, leader and man of God. He reminded me that God can cure the ailments of our lives without healing us. And he can heal us without curing our ailments. Healing comes when we discover the worship, love and awe of who Jesus is. The cure comes when sickness and disease leaves though God's supernatural power! We can be cured and not healed, and healed and not cured. (See the story of the 10 Lepers in Luke 17:11-19) Dr. Dobson knows this concept well as he is fighting for his life with ALS, Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), often referred to as Lou Gehrig's Disease. He has wrestled with this personally and is at peace with God on this. You can read more of his story by clicking here.

4. Dr. Ed Dobson challenged me this week as a pastor. He is a thought leader, successful retired pastor and hero of the faith! He challenged that my main objective is to Teach the Bible and Love People, nothing esle. That is truly the very thing Jesus has called pastor to do. I need to be ready to show you the Bible and what application it has to your life. And, just as important, is that we all need a spiritual leader to show us love. I want you to know that I see the imporatnce of those 2 things and promise to continue to make them central in my life!. I am grateful for Dr. Ed Dobson and his investment in my life and leadership as a pastor. Hopefully he will be able to visit and share his story with Grace Church in 2011.

5. We are a church that is focused on People Far From God Discovering Life in Jesus. That means we vow to think, act and operate in a manner that attracts people who need to know Jesus and know the life He has to offer. That means we will be non-traditional, not normal and not overly religious in the ways we operate and plan. We are going to see some bold and needed outreach objectives in 2011. We are going to reach to the people that no one else is reaching and no one else is showing love to. Pray for your pastors and leaders as we put this into action and motion in 2011.

6. A reminder....Most of us do not have an issue these days with faith....We have an issue with actions. We are quick to say we have faith in Jesus and who He claims to be. But, living life on that faith seems to be absent. We must be challenged and ready to live out our faith. We need to love the unlovely, honor the unhonorable and show grace to the broken. We are not saved through our actions...But out actions are the proof of our passion and love for Jesus! (Read James 1:17)  We need to live out and act on the faith we are so "loud mouthed" and "bold" about. Don't be a religious mouth-piece....Be genuine!

Have a great week. Thanks for choosing to let me be lead and pastor you. It is an honor and privilege. See you Sunday at 9:30 or 11:00