Faking Jesus Syndrome

For those of us who have grown up in church, around church and part of church for the majority of our lives share a common disease.....We have the "faking jesus syndrome".


Most self-proclaimed Christians are nothing more than well practiced, well educated religious officials with little or no passion for who Jesus really is. We've made it a religion based on man's ideas and personalities and not on Jesus!

The cure is simple.....Study and find out who Jesus really is.

Read Matthew 9:9-13

It was the crowd of despised, hated sinners that Jesus used to change the world. It was not the religious people afflicted with FJS. It was not traditions and religious acts that brought hope to the world. It was Jesus and his desire to show love and mercy to ALL men no matter their background, story, sin or problems. It was the hurt and broken who ushered the story of Jesus into the world.

Are you struggling with FJS? Even worse, is your church struggling with it? What are you going to do to bring healing and new life? Are you willing to come face to face with who Jesus really is?