Kaia is Officially a Robison!

The Updates for this post are below in bold.....Keep reading for the good stuff!

(The picture above is the Holt International Child Center in Addis Ababa where we will meet Kaia for the first time in a matter of weeks! She was transferred there from the orphanage in the last 2 weeks.)

(This is the room where Kaia has been since August when she was given up by her mother to the Holt International Orphanage.)

We still really need about $6,000 to cover the final costs of the adoption. God has been faithful so far, and we know He will continue to be faithful.

On Wednesday, February 17, we will be heading to Ethiopia to pick up Kaia!!!!!!!!!!!! YES, we are beyond excited. What began well over a year ago is finally becoming reality. It has been a long, and at times tough, road. But, we are ready to experience the expansion of our family that God called us to.

We arrive in Ethiopia very late Thursday night. We will finally meet Kaia on Friday. I cannot express the emotions I feel and expect to feel in those moments. Then on Sunday we will be heading to Durame, a few hours south, to meet Kaia's birthmother. That meeting bring tons of mixed emotions.....but the greatest emotion is gratitude. Please pray that we are able to show love and grace to Kaia's mom.

On tuesday we will be going to the US Embassy in Addis to apply for her Visa to bring her home. If all goes as it should, on Thursday, we will pick up her visa and board a plane that evening to come home. We arrive at the Nashville airport on Friday afternoon the 26th at 4:30 CST. (Feel free to join the welcoming party!!!!!)

We will spend a couple days there before returning home.....that is time for rest and allowing our families to meet Kaia. We cannot wait for you to meet Kaia, really we can't wait either!

Here's the big surprise for many.........This is Kaia! We felt like we could finally post a photo so you can see our precious baby from Ethiopia!

Thanks for your prayers and support. Hopefully while we are in Ethiopia we will have the chance to send updates and even pictures.......If nothing else we'll have plenty to report when we get home!