We (I) need to stop, be silent and pay attention to where God is working. We (I) need to figure out what God is doing, and be sure we do everything in our(my) power to support, fund and live in that very thing.

I want to be a bigger cheerleader for our team. I want to build you guys up. I want to serve you and your families. I want you guys to know that GC is place to be loved, to love and to enjoy. I want to shift the culture of fear, anxiety and worry that has over-shadowed our church this past year as we have faced our challenges and growth. I want you to be overcome with excitement and joy!

This year I will refuse, on every level, to sit quietly if someone attacks our team or our church. We cannot allow a season of angst or pain to plague GC. We need to strap on our running shoes and get the marathon started. I will work quickly and efficiently to head-off an issue before it rises. We need to stand guard over the House of God! We protect our families, we need to protect this family. I want you to feel safe and cared for as your pastor. I want you to know I will defend you at any cost.

This year I plan to invest in and make time to surround myself with other pastors and leaders who will strengthen and train me well. I made many attempts at this over the past year. Financially we at GC couldn’t, and still can’t back it as I want. So, this year Allison and I are going to sacrifice and make it happen. I need other men who have led God’s church to sharpen me and train me up as a pastor. I need to spend time allowing them to help me develop my skills as a shepherd. I need the men who have been in that very position to walk me through the tough spots where I have to change, become more humble and become more emboldened.

The remainder of this year Allison and I are making a commitment to be more generous to GC. We want to give more time, energy and finances to GC. We want to invest with no restraint. We believe that what you put into something, you always get out. We want to see more of our resources used to help people find Jesus. I want to say with integrity that the biggest investment in my entire life was with my family and in making sure people find Jesus.

I want to see GC invest in the right people, in the right positions to steward the HOUSE OF GOD well. I want to see us do whatever it takes to bring in people to lead the ministries we need to build so desperately. I want to see us invest more into our children and youth. We place too much investment in the older side of our church. (It’s important, but the younger generation needs the higher investment to insure the longevity of our ministry at GC) We don't place enough of our resources in the lives of the next, upcoming generation. We need to consider that the bulk of our dollars need to be spent to raise up the next generation of leaders for GC.

I want to see GC invest more in the lives of the people who serve at GC. I want us to do whatever it takes to show how much we value Cory, Jeff and our other staff. I also want to see us be sure to invest in and build up everyone who volunteers. I want to see us throw a massive party to honor that crew. Were it not for everyone who serves and gives of their time; I, nor any staff, would be able to see visions/ideas come to fruition. I am so thankful for ALL of the people God has placed here to be part of the team at GC.

Overall, I want to lead out in helping people fall in love with Jesus more every day. That means I have to invest in that very thing in my life without restraint. I want to love Jesus more.