Easter 2010

Here is a sample of what some folks are saying about Grace Church:

"Reminded of t/ price that was paid 4 me...and 4 you...this am at @gracekingsport. What Jesus did was unbearably agonizing. That's true love."

"Best Easter ever. Great service @gracekingsport. Lunch with fam & friends. Open invite 2 all for next Sunday. Let me know if your comin'."

"I sure enjoyed Easter service at Grace Church today."

"Stoked for service at Grace Church Kingsport ! Love Easter!"

"Grace Church welcomes YOU this morning! Come see what's God is doing through Grace Church Kingsport!"

"I was standing outside the back of church yesterday morning. A man walked by me wearing two shirts. When he got to the corner of the building, he took off one shirt and placed it neatly in a dumpster. Later I saw him sitting on the back row of Church, grinning ear to ear as Michael spoke of Jesus and what he did for mankind. I thought to myself, here is a man seeking God! Who cares where he keeps his clothes!"

"I wasn't at all prepared for the emotion that flowed thru me during yesterdays service. Past easters, although I thought I was a believer, it was just a story from long ago. Having accepted Christ Jesus as my savior in the past year made Easter an entirely new experience. Never have I felt so thankful and so unworthy of the love of Jesus. Yesterday was truly an eye and heart opening experience that I'm thankful to have been a part of."