Dr. Peter JonestheXchange ConferenceHe will be joined by Francis Chan, Mark Driscoll, Kevin DeYoung

"I want to help empower youth with an educated and compeling message of hope in a generation silenced by the 'let's all just get along' mentality of being politically correct. I am tired of seeing people forego the truth in order to make others feel comfortable and happy."But, it is the very thing that we need......People who are not solely concerned with making people happy, but more concerned with people knowing the truth!

"As goes the campus, so goes the forthcoming culture of our society."

Dr. Jones shared that we truly shape the future by helping people see the difference between God's Truth and the Lie, as we read about in Romans 1:25.God's Truth is the fundamentals of life, salvation and worship that we read in the entirety of scripture. The lie is the idea that all things, all ideas, all expressions of faith and all forms of morality lead to God.

View #1....ONE-ISM

View #2....TWO-ISM

"If we aren't active at developing a structure, the world will. And the world will determine how culture will shape us!"

There is a movement within today's church to become relevant. But the reality is that too often, relevancy comes at the price of compromise. We so often compromise truth to make sure we are relevant to the people around us. We try to become relevant by being a "loving church" in the acceptance of everyone, in every lifestyle, with no call to repentance. It plays out by the church's weakening stance on sexual deviance, allowance of new-age principles and the humanized view of a sovereign God. The reality is that the church continues to make God appear more like us, and less like God!

Dr. Jones says that "the church does not become relevant by being loving only, but by sharing the pure, unadulterated truth." The reality is that when we share the truth like that, it can and often does hurt. We associate the pain of truth with the lack of love. But, sometimes pain is the process that helps us recognize love!

Bottom line, the TRUTH the church often exchanges for a LIE is this:We just cannot give in to niceness. We have to be working towards the transforming power of the truth of God's Gospel. We cannot tolerate sin for the sake of happiness. Those things can be painful. But the result is life change, and that should be our goal.