CHANGEThe reality is that on some level we all hate change. Even guys like me who love things that are dynamic, new and exciting......We like certain things to stay constant.

Grace Church We love Jeff, and more than anything we love how Jeff loves Jesus. He will be missed.

Change is not easy; and change requires hard work. Change can effect our lifestyle, our faith, our culture and our homes. Change can cause us joy, pain, stress, excitement and confusion. Change produces results, and most often brings growth. Usually in change our faith grows and our patience grows.  Both of those things are GOOD. So, challenge yourself to have a different perspective on CHANGE......Change can be good, and most often is. But, that doesn't make it easy or preferential!

Jesus never changes!Hebrews 13:8When life enters a season of change, do the very thing God called us to do......Cling to a God who never changes!

How has change affected you?