Latest From Haiti

As we drove through Port au Prince, I noticed more tent villages had sprung up since last time.I began to notice, and would continue all week to notice, the weather worn, wind damaged tents that littered the landscape. It was amazing how quickly some tents are just ripped apart by high winds. Standard tent just aren't holding up. They provide most folks with about 30 days of viable shelter at best before being destroyed!

But, my primary observation is, there are tons more folks in Port au Prince 5 months after the quake then I have ever seen in the city!

I was encouraged in some ways to see a large amount of rubble removed, and of course the absence of the bodies littering the streets was a great improvement. Much has changed!

Quisqueya ChapelWe spent hours feeding the crew, playing games, leading worship and more. It was awesome to see our team take the lead and work together so well. I had the privilege of speaking to the students both days. We talked about what Love is and how to make a lasting impact on our world. It was a blast!

Our task was to complete an outhouse that had been started by a team from Orlando. We worked hard to paint the exterior, build the platform for seats and secure the building for the children.

Wahoo Bay

As I type we are on the plane headed home. I am already planning for the next trip into Haiti. I am praying that God opens doors for us to make an impact and make a change in lives that influences people to fall in love with Jesus!