Discovering Jesus, Again

Grace Church

we help people to Discover Jesuswe need to be on a constant path of Discovering Jesus

This week I had a great illustration of this in our house. We have a "Dashboard Jesus" figure that's floated around the house for years. You know the ones with the spring that bounce around?!?! My kids love this thing. Well, it's been missing for a while in the great mess of toys. Late in the week Evan came running to me and said, "I FOUND JESUS AGAIN!!!" Of course I was laughing. But, it hit me a while later, why don't we approach Jesus this way?

So often, like in my house, Jesus gets lost in the mess of our "toys" and stuff. Every once in a while we stumble across Jesus. The problem is we tend to categorize Jesus as just part of our stuff. But, I wanna be sure that each time I encounter Jesus I have the same excitement and attitude as my son. I wanna have honor, respect and excitement when I encounter Jesus. The thing is, it starts with seeking Jesus and desiring to encounter Him. I want to desire to discover Jesus more every day.

What about you?