Qualified & Equipped Leaders

Grace Church

Here's the reality, as I look at the way Jesus appointed his team, the Apostles, He did something very unique.....He did not call the seminary trained (religiously schooled), the experienced Rabbi's or the God obsessed men of His time. Jesus went and selected a cross section of the people He encountered. He called fishermen, tax collectors, outcasts and more. They were an eclectic group of men. They were a largely unqualified group of men. Really, most of them were just teenagers! They were not the leader caliber the world would have appointed to walk with the Son of God! But, Jesus was seeking one thing.........Desire!

Bottom line, they loved Jesus more than anything else! That is the key qualification of a great leader, they must LOVE JESUS ABOVE ALL ELSE! Yes, the qualifications of a leader in 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 1 are crucial. But, before we measure men according to those standards, we must know those men LOVE JESUS.

Jesus calls those who love Him. After He calls them, He equips them.

That means on the days I doubt if I am qualified, capable and able to be a pastor.....I am doubting the truth of God's very words to me!

Do you doubt your capability or the capability of others? Why? How will you change that?